There should be something for every kind of reader on this coming school year’s diverse list of books selected by the Librarians’ of Japan at the May 14, 2021 meeting. To learn more about the Sakura Medal program and to read summaries of all this year’s nominees click on hyperlink: Sakura Medal Website

Print Books Available in the ASIJ ES Library

Multiple copies of the titles below will be available for checkout in the ASIJ Elementary Library and most copies are available on the SORA app. When borrowing books on the SORA app you have 14 days to finish the book. As a courtesy to others, please return the eBook or audiobook using the “options tab” on your SORA book shelf when you finish.

Picture Book Nominees

Graphic Novel Nominees

Chapter Book Nominees

CLICK HERE to Open Books in the SORA app

Step 1: Select School – The American School in Japan

Step 2: Select Patron Type – Parent OR Faculty/Student

Step 3: Log In

SORA Username & Password Information for Students & Faculty:

Username: ASIJ Gmail account email


Password: KG/Gr. 1 school selected password – contact your child’s teacher or ; Gr. 2 – 5 student-created “super secret password”.

SORA Username & Password Information for Parents:

Username: firstname.lastname (same as Destiny Library catalog username)

Password: The password is the Veracross Axiom ID of the parent

Parents with Green or Purple ASIJ Parent ID cards:  Go online to your Gold Card Membership, click on Family and your ID number will show there.

Step 4: Tap the Explore tab (binoculars icon). 

Step 5: Tap Open Book or Open Audiobook to read or listen to the book. Tap Options to renew or return the book.

Step 6: Go to the SORA bookshelf icon and click on OPTIONS to return a book early or to renew a book.  

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