Congratulations to This Year’s BookMark Challenge Winners!

There were hundreds of submissions this year and it was extremely difficult to pick just four winners per grade level. Due to the high quality of this year’s entries, there are more winners per grade level. Thanks to everyone who participated in this year’s library bookmark challenge.

Grade 1

Kodai 1B, Liam 1H, Ellie 1R, Hal 1R, Sara 1R, Miki 1F, Shin 1R & Kayra 1S

Grade 2

Kieran 2D, Madeline 2D, Verity 2D, Cora 2P, Yamato 2P, Yurika 2P, Alisa 2T, Emily 2T, Ana 2Y & Emma 2Y

Grade 3

Mya 3B, Neela 3B, Samay 3B, Ayu 3T, Connor 3T & Owen 3T,

Grade 4

Ako 4I, Ken 4I, Luca 4I, Anna 4M, Greg 4M, Jasmine 4M & Riley 4S

Grade 5

Ryan C. 5C, Joongi 5F, Sofia 5F, Callie 5H, Kei 5H, Kiera 5H, Dylan 5R, Rania 5R, Helena 5V, Isabelle 5V, Leah 5V & Pia 5V

Note: Photos of the winning bookmarks will be posted on the library blog and displayed in the library windows later this week!

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