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I am the elementary librarian at The American School in Japan.

Books2Eat 2023

What is the Books2Eat Challenge?

This challenge is an annual library challenge that takes place during the spring. The only rule is to make edible art that has something to do with books as shapes and/or content.  This challenge is an opportunity for students to collaborate, create, problem-solve and most of all celebrate their favorite books! Over the past few years, students have made their yummy edible art from cakes, cookies, pancakes, ice cream, fruit, fondant, mochi, rice, whipped cream, marshmallows, pretzels, vegetables…there have even been a few “book bentos”.

Click Here to Access the 2023 Books2Eat Submission Form


Photo Requirements:

Photo #1 – A closeup of the edible art and the book.

Photo #2 – A photo of the edible art and the baker(s).

Submission Photo Example:

If you need some creative inspiration, watch these slideshows:




Baking with Takano-sensei

watch these videos if you need inspiration

2022 Sakura Medal Nominees – Something for Everyone!

The Last Mapmaker just received the 2023 Newbery Honor! Will The Last Mapmaker by Christina Soontornvat win this year’s Sakura Medal? This book has it all…adventure, danger, dragons, and one girl who risks it everything when she sets sail on a ship headed toward the Sunderlands!

You might want to have a box of tissues handy. This book is not for everyone, but it is definitely for readers who prefer books that are sad, and have plenty of drama and character development. Warning: This book is written from alternating perspectives following a school shooting. Will Quinn and Cora, be able to forgive and work together to change the past by creating a wormhole?

Perchance might remind you of Greta Thunberg. Will Perchance become a changemaker and save the “screechers” and “hummingbears”? If you are a fan of Katherine Applegate’s, The One and Only Ivan and Wishtree, you are sure to become a fan of her newest chapter book.

Mika and Andy Kudo are from California visiting Tokyo for the summer. While in Tokyo, the twins join others from all over the world in an augmented-reality game called OlympiFan. Will they find the three virtual medals and discover the creator of OlympiFan’s true identity? If you loved Mr. Lemoncello’s Library, you are sure to love this book too!