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I am the elementary librarian at The American School in Japan.

Bookmark Challenge 2023


Use a pencil when designing your bookmark.

Color your bookmark using colored pencils.

Outline your design using a black fine line marker or Sharpie.

Shade in your background using a colored pencil.

Don’t forget to write your name and class on the back of your bookmark before turning it in to Ms. Pretz or Mrs. Notter during library class or third recess.

Examples from previous years:

SORA Summer Reads – Sakura 2023

Click here to open the collection.

If you are not logged into SORA, you will need to log in.

Step 1: Select School – The American School in Japan

Step 2: Select Patron Type – Parent OR Faculty/Student

Step 3: Log In

Step 4: Tap the Explore tab (binoculars icon). 

Step 5: Tap Open Book or Open Audiobook to read or listen to the book. Tap Options to renew or return the book.

Step 6: Go to the SORA bookshelf icon and click on OPTIONS to return a book early or to renew a book.  

SORA Username & Password Information for Students & Faculty:

Username: ASIJ Gmail account email


Password: KG/Gr. 2 school selected password – contact your child’s teacher or ; Gr. 3 – 5 student-created “super secret password”.

SORA Username & Password Information for Parents:

Username: firstname.lastname (Example: jane.smith)

Password: The password is the Veracross Axiom ID of the parent – it should be a sequence of numbers (Example: 50213).

Parents with Green or Purple ASIJ Parent ID cards:  Go online to your Gold Card Membership, click on Family and your ID number will show there.

Summer Checkout 2022

Summer reading will keep your child’s learning moving forward and there’s no better time for them to develop a lifelong habit of finding pleasure in books.

To support our students with their summer reading goals, the ASIJ Elementary Library allows returning students to check out books during summer vacation.  If your child is interested in participating in summer checkout, please complete the summer checkout permission form below.

 All books are due on student orientation day in August.

This year homerooms will have a specified time for students to check out their summer reading books.  15 books/child will be the limit this year. If a parent is volunteering on campus during the last week of school (such as, for Field Day), the parent may check out an additional 5 books on the family account while on campus.