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Game On! Sakura Book Bowl 2020

If you’re interested in being a Book Bowler, don’t forget to sign up for this wonderful winter after school opportunity. This year’s Sakura Book Bowl Team will be coached by Ms. Tamara Pretz, Ms. Mimi Takano and Ms. Tanja Kerbs. This year’s after school sessions will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays, beginning December 3rd. In addition to reading and taking notes, Book Bowlers will have fun discussing books with teammates and playing a variety of interactive games.

Elimination rounds will be held on March 17th and March 19th to determine which students will be on the traveling team that will compete in the 10th Annual Sakura Book Bowl Competition at St. Mary’s International School on April 28th. All traveling team members will be required to attend after school sessions on both Tuesdays and Thursdays from March 30th – April 23rd.

Book Bowl = Reading = Community = Fun!

Everyone who participates in this year’s afterschool 2020 Sakura Book Bowl Activity will read, discuss and take notes about these two fantastic books about friendship and self-discovery.

In addition to reading the two books above, all 2020 Sakura Book Bowlers will be required to read and take notes for three books from one of the following categories:

Hidden Histories: The Dangerous Search for Truth

Living on the Wild Side:  Mystery & Intrigue

Speak Up & Change the World: Compelling Characters

Unlikely Friendships: Compassionate Characters

Face Your Fears Head On: Courageous Characters

Against All Odds:  Characters that Persevere


Imagination Station – Projects for our Community

Origami Cranes

Help decorate the wall in the Japanese Picture book section by folding origami cranes.

Kimochi Dolls KG Classrooms

  1. Draw a plan.
  2. Create a materials list.
  3. Create a paper pattern and cut out your Kimochi pieces.
  4. Draw with permanent Sharpie your expression (front) and word (back).
  5. Decorate by sewing, adding googley eyes, pom poms, buttons etc.
  6. Sew RIGHT SIDES together.
  7. Leave small space and stuff.
  8. Finish sewing together.

Books to Inspire Our Creativity