Thanksgiving, Turkeys & More

Chapter Books

You will never look at turkeys and Thanksgiving in the same way after reading these humorous reads!

You can find these books on top of the NEW fiction tower.

Imagine being transported to a land with enormous turkeys…Will Milo find his way back home from Ogregon through a portal in time?
Will Stink and Judy win the annual Turkey Trot? On you mark, get set, Gobblers-a-Go-Go!
Junior is a mischievous mutt! Will he get out of the “doghouse” after causing a Turkey Day disaster?
Gooney Bird Greene to the rescue! Will she find a mystery room mom to help with the Thanksgiving play?
A funny Thanksgiving story! How will Charlie behave when his annoying cousin comes to dinner?
Read “A Fistful of Feathers” pg. 127 – It is a humorous story about a homicidal turkey!

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