Sakura Medal 2015

sakura medalWhat is the Sakura Medal?   Since 2006, students in several international schools in Japan have read the Sakura Medal Contenders selected by the International Librarians of Japan committee.  Each participating school casts their votes the last week in April.  At the elementary level, a Sakura Medal is awarded for Best Picture Book, Best Chapter Book and Best Graphic Novel.  

For more information go to:  Sakura Medal 2015 (click to open)

Sakura Reading Goals – Students in Grades 1 – 5 can participate by setting their own reading goal.

1)  Personal Goal – Read at least one or more Sakura Medal Contenders in any category.

2) Sakura Medal Judge – Read at least 5 picture books, 5 chapter books and/or 3 graphic novels and cast a vote at the Sakura Medal Voting Party that will be held in the ASIJ Elementary Library in April.

3)  Sakura Book Bowl Team – Students in Grades 4-5 who read all of the books from one “chapter book track” and meet all of the requirements are eligible to qualify for the ASIJ Book Bowl Team which will compete against other international teams the last week in February.  This year, Nishimachi International School will host the 2015 Book Bowl Competition.

When Will the Sakura Contenders be Released?

Book Bowl Competitors: October 27th

Sakura Medal Participants Grades 3-5: November 3rd

Sakura Medal Participants Grades 1-2:  February 2nd

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