Do You Want to Be A Reader Leader?


Who:  Grades 3, 4 and 5

What:  Sakura Picture Books

Why:  Share your love of reading with the school community and demonstrate your oral reading fluency.

When:  February 27th – April 7th (during a recess)

Where:  Grade K, 1 or 2 classroom.

  • Read ALL five required Sakura picture books for your grade level.
  • Rate and log each book in your Sakura Reading Log.
  • Sign-up to be a Reader Leader ONLY after you have completed all 5 required books.
  • Pick one of the 5 books to read aloud.
  • Practice reading your book aloud with a friend using the Reader Leader Checklist.
  • Practice reading your book aloud to Ms. Pretz or Mrs. Fields.
  • Once you demonstrate that you are reading with fluency and expression you will be assigned a classroom.



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