Sakura 2020 Kickoff – September 24th

We’ve got spirit,
Yes we do!
We read books,
How ’bout you?

Sakura Medal Award – Mission

The mission of the Sakura Medal Reading Award Program is to create a community of lifelong readers in international schools in Japan. The Librarians of Japan aim for a diverse selection of fantastic and engaging books. The Sakura Medal Reading Award Program has been in existence since 2006. The Sakura Book Bowl Program for Grades 4-5 was added in 2010. In addition to setting a personal goal for their Sakura Reading Log, elementary students at ASIJ have a variety of participation options.


Below is a list of participation options.

Something NEW for ASIJ Sakura 2020!

Going for the gold…Can we bring home the trophy 3 years in a row? This year’s Sakura Book Bowl competition will be held at St. Mary’s International School on April 28, 2020.

Something NEW for ASIJ Sakura 2020!
Click here go view last year’s entries: Sakura Medal Art Competition
Something NEW for Sakura 2020!
You must be present during lunch recess to win!
Mustangs are always searching for fantastic books!

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