2021-22 Bookmark Challenge Winners

Grade 5 : Claudia 5C, Mia K. 5C, Ayumu 5J, Toby 5J, Jiin 5R, Michika 5R, Paige 5R and Sayuki 5V

Grade 4: Ayu 4I, Mustafa & Jiho 4K, Connor 4M, Zella 4M and Sawa 4S

Grade 3: Sophia 3B, Emma 3Be, Audrey 3R, Coraline 3T, Cailey 3T and Linn 3T

Grade 2: Edda 2T, Tom 2T, Ethan T. 2Y, Kayra 2Y, Mirabelle 2Y and Rina 2Y

Grade 1: Ayana 1F, Calla 1F, Finn 1F, Nina 1H, Keina 1H, Sylvia 1H, Rei 1R and Keito 1S

KG Participants: Arisa, Emma and Sam

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