Do You Want To Be A Reader Leader?

Who: Students Grades 3-5

Why: Share your love of reading with the school community and demonstrate your oral reading fluency.

When: October – April

Where: Practice – Library Recess; Perform – KG, Gr. 1 or Gr. 2 classroom


Read five Sakura 2023 picture books.

Evaluate the five books and pick the one you would like to read aloud.

Evaluations Form (click here)

Sign-up to be a Read Leader during library recess ONLY after you have completed reading at least 5 Sakura 2023 picture books.

Practice reading your book aloud with a friend using the Reader Leader Checklist during library recess.

Practice reading your book aloud to Ms. Pretz during library recess.

Once you demonstrate that you are reading with fluency and expression write a letter to the classroom you would like to visit.

When you get a date and time you will read to a Kg, Gr. 1 or Gr. 2 classroom.

Inquiry Question: What makes a book a fantastic read-aloud for students in Kg, Gr. 1, or Gr. 2?

Portrait of a Learner Competencies:

Mindset – Grit, resilience & adaptability

Collaboration – Working interdependently as a team; managing team dynamics & challenges

Critical Thinking – Evaluating Information

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