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Who Wants to Grok?

Grok Searching Just Got A Whole Lot Easier I was not familiar with InstaGrok, and I am excited to share this search engine with my readers. It is not your average search engine. My first search was “ducks”……then I tried “gnats”, “ponds” and finally “ecosystems”. Guess which grade level was inspiring my learning this weekend?

Who Needs Google, When You Can Grok? InstaGrok is better than any other search engine I have experimented with this year and it has a very different feel than any other search engine I have ever used. Not only is it interactive and engaging, but hopefully the journaling and pinning features of this search engine will help students who aren’t organized, better organize their thinking.  There are a few added bonuses that I especially like because these features are evaluative in nature.   The bibliographic component of InstaGrok allows students to see their sources and instantly evaluate their credibility.  Students can also take a multiple-choice quiz to self-evaluate their reading comprehension for each search topic.

AccessibilityWith every search, students get an interactive visual map of their search, images, videos, plus written information in chunks they can read, a journaling option, bibliographic capabilities and MORE.

If you want to use the web-based version I have added InstaGrok to the homepage of Destiny under Search Engines.  Plus, InstaGrok is a FREE app in the iTunes Store!