First Graders Will Decide!

Using their knowledge of what makes a picture book a great book, students in grade one will vote for the best picture book of 2014 in December. Everyone has a favorite so far, but we have four more books to go.  Which book will win the Mustang Award for Best Picture Book of the Year?


A story about a girl who longs for a pet.  The girl in the story meets all of her mom’s criteria for a perfect pet when she decides on a sloth…they don’t need baths, they don’t eat a lot of food and they don’t need to be walked.

Henry's HandA story about what it means to be a good friend.  Hand runs away when Henry becomes too bossy.

BeekleBeekle acts courageously and leaves the land of imagination in search of a friend.

chick-o-saurus-rex-234x300Nobody likes to be bullied.  Little chick is taunted and teased, until one day he proves that he is mighty and brave.

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