Grade 5 – NEW Books – Something for Everyone!

the lost kingdomThe Lost King by Matthew Kirby

This isn’t just your ordinary, everyday fantasy. This “steampunk” novel brings to life a fantastical American West filled with a secret society, spies, terrifying creatures and a flying airship. The Lost Kingdom  is an epic journey filled with marvelous exploits, courage and intrigue.

The Children of the KingThe Children of the King by Sonya Hartnett

During World War II, 12-year-old Cecily Lockwood and her 14-year-old brother, Jeremy, are evacuated from London to Uncle Peregrine’s country home.  While exploring the estate grounds, Cecily and her new friend May find two mysterious boys hiding in the ruins of a nearby castle, an extraordinary adventure begins.


Bird  by Crystal Chan

Jewel never knew her brother Bird, but all her life she has lived in his shadow. Her parents blame Grandpa for the tragedy of their family’s past; they say that Grandpa attracted a malevolent spirit—a duppy—into their home.

Loot how to steal a fortuneLoot:  How to Steal A Fortune by Jude Watson

When Alfie McQuinn, the notorious jewel thief, is killed on a job, his last words to his son, March, are to “find jewels”.  This instruction leads the boy to Jules, the twin sister he never knew he had–and the perfect partner to carry on the family business

Skies Like These

Skies Like These by Tess Hilmo

Twelve-year-old Jade’s perfect summers have always been spent reading and watching TV reruns, so she’s not happy when her parents send her off to Wyoming to her aunt’s house. She meets a boy who calls himself Roy Parker.

Handbook for Dragon SlayersHandbook for Dragon Slayers by Merrie Haskell

A fantasy adventure Handbook for Dragon Slayers mixes magic, mythical creatures, thrilling action, and a wonderful cast of characters.  Princess Tilda flees her kingdom in the company of two hopeful dragon slayers. The princess never had any interest in chasing dragons.  But the princess finds herself making friends with magical horses, facing the Wild Hunt, and pointing a sword at fire-breathing dragons. While doing things she never imagined, Tilda finds qualities in herself she never knew she possessed.

Lost children on the far islandsLost Children of the Far Islands by Emily Raabe

Lost Children of the Far Islands is a story filled with magic, excitement, and the dangers and delights of the sea.  wins Gus and Leo and their little sister, Ila, live a quiet life in Maine–until their mother falls ill, and it becomes clear her strength is fading because she is protecting them from a terrible evil.  Soon the children are swept off to a secret island far in the sea, where they discover a hidden grandmother and powers they never knew they had. Like their mother, they are Folk, creatures who can turn between human and animal forms.  Now they must harness their newfound magic for a deeper purpose. The ancient, monstrous King of the Black Lakes will stop at nothing to rise to power, and they are all that stands in his way. Their mother’s life hangs in the balance, and the children must battle this beast to the death–despite a dire prophecy that whoever kills him will die.

The Secret BoxThe Secret Box by Whitaker Ringwald

Readers will love the page-turning mystery, hilarious girl and boy narrators, and clever incorporation of mythology—and lingering questions will leave them eager for more.  What starts as a fun quest to open a mysterious birthday present quickly turns crazy and dangerous when Jax and her cousin Ethan discover themselves at the center of a special magical legacy. Soon they realize the secret box was not intended as a gift, but as call for help that they alone can answer.

Unhooking the moonUnhooking the Moon by Gregory Hughes

Marie Claire, aka the Rat, is a dancing, soccer-playing, fearless ten-year-old, often protected by her brother Bob. When their father dies, the two leave home in Winnipeg, Canada and head for New York, determined to find their uncle in America and discover a new life for themselves.  On their adventures traveling alone from the flatlands of Winnipeg, southward across the border into America, Bob and the Rat make friends with a host of unlikely characters, including a hilarious con man and a famous rap star. As they struggle to survive in the big city, they realize that finding your uncle in New York is incredibly difficult if you have almost no information about him–even if he is rumored to be one of the city’s biggest drug dealers.

lantern sam and the blue streakLantern Sam and the Blue Streak Bandits by Michael D. Beil

Lantern Sam is the wise-cracking, sarcastic, talking cat (for those who can hear him, that is) who lives onboard the Lake Erie Shoreliner train and is one of the best detectives no one knows about. He doesn’t have much patience for humans (unless they bring him sardines), but when 10-year-old traveler Henry can’t find his new friend, the exuberant Ellie, Sam’s enlisted to help. A ransom note is soon discovered and just like that, Sam and Henry are on the case, with the help of Clarence the Conductor (who supplies Sam’s sardines). But is Ellie still on board the train? Did the salesman with his trunk full of samples sneak her off? And why does that couple keep acting so suspicious?

The Very Nearly Honorable League of Pirates

The Very Nearly Honorable League of Pirates by Caroline Carlson

Hilary Westfield has always dreamed of being a pirate. She can tread water for thirty-seven minutes. She can tie a knot faster than a fleet of sailors, and she already owns a rather pointy sword. There’s only one problem: the Very Nearly Honorable League of Pirates refuses to let any girl join their ranks of scourges andscalawag. But Hilary is not the kind of girl to take no for answer. To escape a life of petticoats and politeness at her stuffy finishing school, Hilary sets out in search of her own seaworthy adventure, where she gets swept up in a madcap quest involving a map without an X, a magical treasure that likely doesn’t exist, and the most treacherousand unexpectedvillain on the high seas.

Seven Wild Sisters

Seven Wild Sisters by Charles DeLint

Sarah Jane has always wanted to meet a fairy, but she has no idea that the tiny wounded man she discovers in the Tanglewood Forest is about to ensnare her in a longtime war between rival magical clans. When her six sisters are kidnapped and split up by the opposing sides, she’ll need the help of several friends–from the reclusive Aunt Lillian to the mysterious Apple Tree Man–to bring them home. But if they don’t untangle themselves from the feud quickly, they could all be trapped in the fairy world forever.

seven stories up

Seven Stories Up by Laurel Snyder

In 1987, while her mother sits in a Baltimore hotel at the deathbed of a grandmother twelve-year-old Annie never knew, Annie travels back fifty years and shares adventures with the lonely girl who will grow up to be her feisty grandmother.

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