NEW series books: Gr. 2-4

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Are you looking for some new series books that are humorous?  If so, I recommend:

  • Yuck series by Matt and Dave
  • The Yeti Files series by Kevin Sherry

Have you read our popular Frankly, I Never…picture book series and are looking for some fractured folktale chapter books?  If so, I recommend:

  • Disney Chapter Princess series
  • Whatever After series by Sarah Mlynowski
  • After Happily Ever After series by Tony Bradman

Have you read all of Wendy Orr’s  rainbow Street Shelter series or haven’t been able to get your hands on the NEW Shelter Pet Squad series by Cynthia Lord?  If you love animal fiction, I recommend:

  • Pet Rescue Adventures by Holly Webb

if you are looking for something to replace the Heidi Heckelbeck series, the Just Grace series or Clementine, I recommend:

  • Cupcake Diaries by Coco Simon

Who doesn’t like a good mystery…If you’re looking for a great mystery that isn’t 250 pages or more, I recommend:

  • The Milo and Jazz Mysteries by Lewis Montbomery

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