Winning Graphic Novels

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I have recently started reading more graphic novels, and I understand now why this genre is a student favorite.  These graphic novels have believable characters whom experience real-life problems that we can all identify with as readers.  More importantly, graphic novels are not just for boys.

Graphic novels are recognized as a serious written art form.  Two years running, a graphic novel has won the prestigious Newbery Award.   Last year the autobiography, El Deafo, by Cece Bell won a Newbery Honor and this year, newcomer Victoria Jamieson, won a Newbery Honor with her graphic novel, Roller Girl.

If these graphic novels sound good, you might like a Mighty Girl’s new collection of over 100 empowering graphic novels.  Click here

Here is a taste of Raina Telegmeir’s new graphic novel, Sisters.

Cece Bell talks about her graphic novel, El Deafo.


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