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The Marvels by Brian Selznick


The Marvels

I am a big fan of Brian Selznick’s and his latest book, The Marvels, did not disappoint. The structure of this massive tome is slightly different than Hugo Cabret and Wonderstruck.  The book begins with 400 pages of illustrations followed by about 200 pages of text and for the remainder of the book a mix of illustrations and text.  Although, I read many books on my Kindle, this a book that must be read in print form to truly appreciate its artistry. I found myself flipping back to the illustrations to check for understanding…in fact, after I was 100 pages into the text I couldn’t resist viewing all 400 pages of illustrations a second time.  The Marvels, is truly a marvelous read!

Spotlight on Sakura

Space Case by Stuart Gibbs

Space Case

Recommended for Grade 5 – This is a sci-fi/mystery set on Moon Base Alpha, the first colony on the moon. If you are looking for a good “who done it”, you’re sure to find yourself turning the pages to learn who killed Dr. Holtz. You won’t help but like clever, funny, twelve-year old Dashiell Gibson.

Luck Uglies by Paul Durham

Luck Uglies

Recommended for Grade 5 – Many years earlier, a secret society named Luck Uglies had fought the Bog Noblins, and now, neither monsters nor secret society members exist. Or do they? You’re in for a wild romp with Rye O’Chanter, a somewhat clumsy 11-year-old and her best friends Quinn and Folly. The first book in a trilogy. If you liked Luck Uglies, check out book #2 in the series, Fork Tongue Charmers, today!


Winning Graphic Novels

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I have recently started reading more graphic novels, and I understand now why this genre is a student favorite.  These graphic novels have believable characters whom experience real-life problems that we can all identify with as readers.  More importantly, graphic novels are not just for boys.

Graphic novels are recognized as a serious written art form.  Two years running, a graphic novel has won the prestigious Newbery Award.   Last year the autobiography, El Deafo, by Cece Bell won a Newbery Honor and this year, newcomer Victoria Jamieson, won a Newbery Honor with her graphic novel, Roller Girl.

If these graphic novels sound good, you might like a Mighty Girl’s new collection of over 100 empowering graphic novels.  Click here

Here is a taste of Raina Telegmeir’s new graphic novel, Sisters.

Cece Bell talks about her graphic novel, El Deafo.