Spotlight on Sakura

Space Case by Stuart Gibbs

Space Case

Recommended for Grade 5 – This is a sci-fi/mystery set on Moon Base Alpha, the first colony on the moon. If you are looking for a good “who done it”, you’re sure to find yourself turning the pages to learn who killed Dr. Holtz. You won’t help but like clever, funny, twelve-year old Dashiell Gibson.

Luck Uglies by Paul Durham

Luck Uglies

Recommended for Grade 5 – Many years earlier, a secret society named Luck Uglies had fought the Bog Noblins, and now, neither monsters nor secret society members exist. Or do they? You’re in for a wild romp with Rye O’Chanter, a somewhat clumsy 11-year-old and her best friends Quinn and Folly. The first book in a trilogy. If you liked Luck Uglies, check out book #2 in the series, Fork Tongue Charmers, today!


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