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Lightbox – Learning in a whole new light!

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Lightbox Interactive Book List – (click here to view list)

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KG – Trucktown series by Jon Scieszka

Boys and girls alike can’t seem to get enough of Jon Scieska’s Trucktown series. During library class this week, I will introduce KG students to the picture book and early reader formats of this highly entertaining, high interest series.  Even the most reluctant readers will want to get their hands on these books. Melvin Might? is not only an entertaining read aloud, but prompts discussions about worrying, being brave and to keep on trying.  Melvin Might? reminded me of the classic story, The Little Engine that Could.  Truckery Rhymes is perfect if you want a new twist on old rhymes and better yet, students find the new rhymes highly engaging.   More books in this series coming soon to the ASIJ ES Library!

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Move over Mother Goose, Jon Scieska has written a book of Truckery Rhymes.  

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supertruck  stink

Grade 4 – Book Bingo

During library class last week, each fourth grade class looked at four genres and identified their preferred and least preferred genres.  The results are in order from least to most preferred genre: realistic fiction, mystery, fantasy and adventure.

Are you still looking for a NEW book or series in your preferred genre or are you trying to find the perfect book to hook you and get you interested in a new genre?

Realistic Fiction

Shelter Pet SquadI can’t seem to get enough of Cynthia Lord.  Cynthia Lord, author of Rules and 2015 Sakura Nominee, Half a Chance has a new series that will appeal to anyone who has ever wanted a pet.  Suzannah lives in an apartment where no pets are allowed and what she wants more than anything is a pet.  After volunteering at a local pet shelter, Suzannah finds herself looking for the perfect home for a guinea pig named Jelly Bean. Will Suzannah find a home for Jelly Bean?  Will she ever get the pet she so desires? If you are an animal lover, I think this book will appeal to fans of realistic fiction and reluctant readers of realistic fiction alike.


The Ride that Was Really Haunted

Still looking for the perfect mystery/detective series to get you hooked on this genre?  Look no further.  Imagine getting trapped inside of the Haunted House ride at your favorite amusement park.  Imagine that this ride is rumored to be haunted by a ghost.  You will be on the edge of your seat and flipping through the pages of this book to find out how Samantha and her friends find out the truth behind the Haunted House ride.


Beasts of Olympus

What I like about this new Greek myth series is the humor and page length.  Plus, this new series gives readers an entirely NEW perspective on classic Greek myths.  Test out the series with Book #1 – Beast Keeper.


POlar Meltdown

I have been recommending this series for three years and it has been well received by students in Grades 3-4. Polar Meltdown is one of our newest additions to the Wild Rescue series.  In this adventure, Ben and Zoe, WILD’s top operatives, are sent to investigate the death of a polar bear and rescue two infant cubs.  Hopefully, you’re dying to get your hands on this book to see what happens to those adorable infant polar bear cubs.  Read more books in the series to see what other environmental problems Ben and Zoe encounter.  Warning: This is a highly addictive series.

Are you a fan of the popular Who Was…biography series? If so, I think you’re going to love the new What Was…series.

What Was Pompeii

Celebrate Banned Books Week – FREADOM to READ


Pilkey hopes people will realize that widespread censorship is not the answer;  the appropriate response is to remember this statement: “I don’t want my children to read this book.” What are your thoughts?

Books in our library that have been banned in other libraries around the world:

Banned Book List (click here)

Source:  http://www.adweek.com/galleycat/dav-pilkey-stars-in-a-banned-books-week-video/91733

Read of the Day

a perfectly messed up story

I used this 2016 Sakura Medal Contender as a read aloud for my kindergarten classes.   Louie sets out to tell a story, but gets interrupted by a plop of jelly landing onto the page.  Louie’s story continues to be interrupted by other messes and although the original story is never finished, Louie is satisfied in the end with his “messed” up story.

This book provoked laughter and a lot of discussion about book care and solutions for keeping books safe and dry.  Although, not my favorite 2016 Sakura Medal Contender, this book would make an excellent read aloud for librarians, classroom teachers and parents.