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Poetry Alive

Watch the videos below.

What do you notice?

What do you wonder?

Foul Shot by Edwin Hoey

Forest Walk by Kristine O’Connell George

No Breathing in Class by Michael Rosen

Catch a Little Rhyme by Eve Merriam

                            Early Memory by January Gill

                     Who Burns for the Perfection of Paper by Martín Espada

Analysis of Baseball by May Swenson

A Minor Bird by Robert Frost

After watching these videos, what ideas do you have for your own performances?

Tips for Poetry Performance  by Renee M. LaTulippe

1) Score Your Poem:  Create a roadmap for your performance.

2) Find Your Pace:  Save your pauses for the punctuation not all of the line breaks.

3)  Use Good Diction:  Pronounce words clearly.

4) Be Natural & Have Fun!

More Tips for Poetry Performance

NEW Poetry Books and More

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NEW Poetry Resource List

Online Resources:

Children’s Poetry Archive – You can choose a theme from the list in the left sidebar to find poems on a topic, or use the search box to find a favorite poet.

Giggle Poetry – Website of poet Bruce Lansky.

Poetry Aloud  – Kristine O’Connell George’s website.  Includes audio clips of some of her poems. Audio recordings available.

Shel’s Books – I absolutely love this site! Whenever I have shared this with students they have loved it too.  Includes animated poems and audio with  Shel Silverstein’s reading some of his most famous poems.

Happy National Poetry Month — Bead a Rook!

April is National Poetry Month

Runny Rabbit

 All poetry books can be found in the 811’s in the nonfiction section of the library.

Why read poetry?

Poetry makes excellent read aloud material for families.  It is also an excellent genre to help with reading fluency, as well as volume and stamina.

Recommended Poetry Books

Jack Prelutsky
The New Kid on the Block
Something BIG Has Been Here
A Pizza the Size of the Sun
The Dragons Are Singing Tonight
The Baby Uggs Are Hatching

Shel Silverstein (also wrote bawdy adult material)
A Light in the Attic
Where the Sidewalk Ends
Falling Up

Judith Viorst (mostly writes fiction/nonfiction for children and adults)
If I Were In Charge of the World and Other Worries

Kali Dakos (Author), G. Brian Karas (Illustrator)poetry)
If You’re Not Here, Please Raise Your Hand: Poems About School

If you’re looking for some digital sites that have poetry, I recommend the following:

Children’s Poetry Archive

Listen to and read poems by theme or form.

Poetry Aloud

Poetry is not meant to be something you read quietly to yourself, it is something to share and to hear out loud. Here, if you have RealAudio, you can hear the author of the book Old Elm Speaks read several seasonal poems from her book. In one poem it is spring and Old Elm’s leaf buds are just popping, in others his helicopter seeds are twirling, and in others still his leaves are free or many colored.

Shel Silverstein

Animated poems and audio with  Shel Silverstein’s reading some of his most famous poems.

Poetry Writing With Jack Prelutsky, Karla Kuskin, and Jean Marzollo

Judith Viorst – The Academy of American Poets

Poetry for Kids

Helping Children Find and Enjoy the Poetic Side of Life


Giggle Poetry