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Read of the Week-Check It Out!


This book had me hooked at the prologue.  This futuristic action/adventure has a unique setting…the earth is covered in a deadly fog and living in the sky is the new reality. Humanity clings to its highest peaks, called the Rooftop, where the wealthy Five Families rule over the lower slopes and floating junkyards. Will Chess, the tetherboy, and his friends Hazel, Bea and Swedish face the dark plans of Lord Kodoc and save their beloved Mrs. E? This is a perfect dystopian novel for Grades 3-6. Fans of Rick Riordan and Brandon Mull are sure to love this new series.


Book #2 is on order and will arrive later this month!!!

Sakura Recommendations

Thanks to our generous PTA, the elementary library was able to purchase paperback copies of a few of our Sakura chapter books for classroom libraries.  Listed below are the copies of books that each grade level received.  If you only have time to read a few Sakura Chapter Books this year, here are my recommendations by grade level:

Grade 3

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Grade 4

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Grade 5

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Visiting Author – Naomi Shihab Nye

Naomi Shihab NyeThe week of January 25-29, ASIJ has the honor of hosting the internationally recognized and award-winning poet, Naomi Shihab Nye.   Our fifth graders will have the opportunity to work with Ms. Nye in both large and small groups throughout the week of her visit.

In 2009, Ms. Nye was named as one of PeaceByPeace.com’s first peace heroes.  Additionally, she has has won many awards and fellowships, among them four Pushcart Prizes, the Jane Addams Children’s Book award, the Paterson Poetry Prize and in 2013 the NSK Neustadt Prize for Children’s Literature.

In addition to having works at the adult and young adult levels, she also has several works appropriate for our upper elementary students.  The following books, written by Ms. Nye, are available in the ASIJ elementary library.

Turtle-of-Oman-by-Naomi-Shihab-Nye-on-BookDragon Famous-web A Maze Me honeybee

“We’re all poets when we’re little and some of us just keep up the habit!”  William Stafford

Poetry Alive

Watch the videos below.

What do you notice?

What do you wonder?

Foul Shot by Edwin Hoey

Forest Walk by Kristine O’Connell George

No Breathing in Class by Michael Rosen

Catch a Little Rhyme by Eve Merriam

                            Early Memory by January Gill

                     Who Burns for the Perfection of Paper by Martín Espada

Analysis of Baseball by May Swenson

A Minor Bird by Robert Frost

After watching these videos, what ideas do you have for your own performances?

Tips for Poetry Performance  by Renee M. LaTulippe

1) Score Your Poem:  Create a roadmap for your performance.

2) Find Your Pace:  Save your pauses for the punctuation not all of the line breaks.

3)  Use Good Diction:  Pronounce words clearly.

4) Be Natural & Have Fun!

More Tips for Poetry Performance