4K Book Talks – November 7, 2014

parrots over puerto rico

Parrots Over Puerto Rico

by Susan L. Roth & Cindy Rumbore

Winner of 11 Awards 2013-14

If there is one nonfiction book that you can’t pass up, it is this book!  Learn about human impact nearly caused one of the most beautiful birds to become extinct.  This is a story about one species struggle to survive and the scientists never gave up in their pursuit to save this exquisite bird.  Did you know parrots thrived in Puerto Rico long before the first human settlers arrived some 5,000 years ago?  But by 1975, only 13 of the birds were still living in the wild.

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how-to-clean-a-hippoHow To Clean a Hippopotamus:  A Look at Unusual Animal Partnerships

by Steve Jenkins  & Robin Page

You’ll learn all about the scientific concept of symbiosis. Jenkins and Page describe the unusual relationships between various animals in the wild.  Find out why a mongoose comes running when a warthog lies down, how a crab and an iguana help each other out why ravens follow wolves, and more.

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Cougar a cat with many namesCougar: A Cat with Many Names

by Stephen Person

A three time award-winning book and the only contender for the 2014 Children’s Choice Awards!

An investigation into what happens when humans invade an animal’s natural habitat

Early one evening in October 2011, Gail Loveman heard a strange noise coming from outside her house in Boulder, Colorado. She looked through the glass door leading to her backyard and was shocked by what she saw. There, standing on her porch, was a cougar! Because cougars are solitary animals that avoid contact with humans, it’s rare to see a cougar in the wild, and very unusual to see one near a house. In Cougar: A Cat With Many Names, kids will go on a real-life adventure with wildlife biologists as they investigate changes in the range of cougars as humans settle in the animals’ territories.

microscopic scary creatures

Microscopic Scary Creatures by Ian Graham

Miniscule monsters?  Terrifying ticks?  Blood-sucking insects?

Discover the real truth…

Can tiny bests live under your skin?  What do these creatures feed on?  How do such small creatures survive?

Summary Source:  Follett Books

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